Alfalight designs and produces rugged electro-optical and laser systems for defense and aerospace applications. Our interdisciplinary team of laser scientists, electro-optics experts, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to turn customer requirements concrete, realizable specifications into proven, well-engineered designs, and ultimately to manufacturable, tested, and proven products and subsystems.

Defense Laser Components

Alfalight designs and manufactures ruggedized diode-laser-based modules and components for the defense and aerospace markets. Applications include laser-based visible and infrared illuminator, laser-initiated ordnance, targeting, tracking, and locating systems, and eye-safe non-lethal ocular disruptors. Here's more information and an overview of our products and capabilities.

Defense laser systems, subsystems, and ruggedized components
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Advanced component examples

  • High-power diode laser with specialized connector and microcontroller-based feedback interface; designed to function at the temperature extremes of MIL-883E usually specified for storage.
  • A green laser capable of producing stable output power from -20 to +55°C; a companion high-efficiency controller/driver enables the device to operate from standard batteries with long operating life.

Commercial Laser Components

Alfalight's commercial laser diode components are now supported by Compound Photonics, who purchased the commercial segment product lines and semiconductor fab assets of Alfalight in spring of 2013. Compound Photonics will fully support Alfalight's commercial business and customers. For more details, please read the press release.

Compound Photonics makes highly efficient standard and wavelength-stabilized high-power laser diode component products. Find datasheets and technical information.

Commercial and telecommunications 6-pin and 14-pin packaged diode lasers
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The two companies have signed a strategic supply agreement that ensures Alfalight a continued source of high- performance laser diode components from the Compound Photonics Madison facility, enabling us to further grow our defense and aerospace business.