Alfalight designs and produces rugged electro-optical and laser systems for defense and aerospace applications. Our interdisciplinary team of laser scientists, electro-optics experts, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to turn customer requirements concrete, realizable specifications into proven, well-engineered designs, and ultimately to manufacturable, tested, and proven products and subsystems.


Our success is built on a set of core competencies and capabilities that enable us to design and deliver reliable, rugged electro-optical systems. Contact us to discuss your specific needs to exacting requirements.

Innovative engineering

  • In-house design, fabrication, and characterization of a wide range of laser sources and electro-optical devices
  • Monolithic, wide-operating temperature microcrystal lasers
  • Laser wavelengths from UV, visible, NIR, to SWIR
  • Highly efficient and compact power supplies, control electronics, and feedback systems
  • Industrial and ergonomic design of package housings, switchgear, and tablet/touchscreen interfaces.

Advanced modeling

  • Complete electro-optic, thermo-mechanical, and mechanical stress modeling, including FEA
  • Complete system and device performance modeling: 3D CAD; optical analysis; in-house models for battery life, laser diode, and nonlinear optical performance
  • Systems-level performance evaluation including sophisticated feedback performance and atmospheric effects

Advanced packaging

  • Optimized for power, reliability and coupling efficiency
  • Compact, tightly integrated and miniaturized electro-opto-mechanical designs
  • Rugged housings, athermalized designs, and proven assembly methods to withstand harsh mechanical vibration and shock, thermal cycling, immersion, salt spray.
  • Proven manufacturing and assembly techniques, adhesives and fasteners

Scalable manufacturing

  • Full electro-optical and free-space optical system assembly
  • Product development, manufacturing, and documentation follow ISO guidelines
  • Systems qualified to MIL-STD-810G, -883H, -461F, and customer-specified environmental or harsh-condition requirements

Electro-optical and environmental test

  • Complete optical, electrical, and electro-optical test facilities
  • Automated measurement systems
  • Performance and reliability testing for integrated components and subsystems
  • Environmental exposure, thermal cycling, accelerated life test

Field and customer support

  • Local field and long-distance outdoor range testing and evaluation
  • Live fire testing with multiple weapons platforms
  • Applications engineering and field specialist for 'embedded' and customer field testing