Alfalight Receives 2015 Wisconsin Innovation Award

Manufacturing category win recognizes benefits of novel non-lethal laser disruptor

MADISON, WI – August 27, 2015 – Alfalight, Inc., a leading developer of high-performance visible and infrared laser systems for defense and security applications, announced it has won the 2015 Wisconsin Innovation Awards honor for manufacturing, citing the company’s novel Non-Lethal Ocular Disruptor with Enhanced Safety (NLOD-ES). Winners in ten categories were selected from 170 entrants and 33 finalists, judged by a panel of 18 industry experts. The NLOD-ES laser, manufactured in the company’s Madison facility, serves a wide variety of military applications. The device projects an intense, precisely metered, green light over a kilometer, temporarily impairing vision. The optical disruptor acts as a safe, stand-off warning applicable to drivers of vehicles approaching checkpoints as well as for crowd control.

“We are truly honored to be recognized by the Wisconsin Innovation Awards, which reflects a deep look both at innovative technology and its real usefulness,” said Mohan Warrior, president and chief executive officer. “Alfalight developed the NLOD-ES to meet the needs of the U.S. military for an effective, yet safe, way to engage at distance persons whose intent is unknown. Our system accomplishes this by integrating multiple innovations in laser technology, rangefinder integration, and power modulation, as well as battery life and heat management, all in a compact package.”

“The rugged and portable nature of the NLOD-ES puts innovative technology in the field where it can support the mission by saving lives every day. This product is a testament to our research and development, product engineering, and manufacturing groups,” said Rob Williamson, Ph.D., director of product marketing at Alfalight. “The Wisconsin Innovation Award recognizes the achievements of our talented and dedicated people.”

About the Alfalight NLOD-ES

The NLOD-ES uses novel laser technology to protect our troops and civilians in conflict and war zones. The device provides for effective medium-range engagement with individuals whose intent is unknown, while Alfalight's unique laser power modulation algorithm with full rangefinder integration controls the power on target to avoid the risk of injury while delivering its dazzling light beam. The intense green beam can be used for hailing, warning, suppression (due to temporary vision impairment) and illumination. The NLOD-ES is battery operated, compact, and highly ruggedized; weighing less than 12 ounces, it is usable both in hand-held and rifle-mounted configurations.

About Alfalight

Alfalight, Inc., based in Madison, Wisconsin, designs and manufactures reliable, rugged, and efficient laser and electro-optical systems for defense and security applications. These devices serve both man-portable and vehicle-borne applications that include compact visible, SWIR, and infrared laser illuminators, targeting/tracking/locating devices, laser-initiated ordnance, and power-over-fiber. Alfalight’s products are designed for the demands of rough use and are qualified to the ruggedness requirements of MIL-STD-810G or related aerospace/telecommunications standards. Alfalight is ITAR registered and entirely US-based, enabling rapid, cost-effective delivery of turnkey defense electro-optical systems. For more information, visit

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