Alfalight designs and produces rugged electro-optical and laser systems for defense and aerospace applications. Our interdisciplinary team of laser scientists, electro-optics experts, electrical and mechanical engineers work closely together to turn customer requirements concrete, realizable specifications into proven, well-engineered designs, and ultimately to manufacturable, tested, and proven products and subsystems.

Laser Systems

At left are datasheets describing in detail some examples of products we have designed and delivered. Below we describe in general terms several other custom products and subsystems we have delivered in both prototype and production quantities.

Rugged prototypes

  • A tripod-mounted system with a high-power visible green laser, active beam control system, beam analysis, laser rangefinder, and high-definition video capture. The system includes a touchscreen computer and software for active control of the beam and for video capture and storage. The entire system was portable and operated from military standard BA5590 batteries.
  • A handheld, battery operated brassboard integrating a wide-temperature range green laser and rangefinder with manual beam divergence control and engineered eye-safety via sophisticated control algorithms. Multiple fully functional prototypes were delivered to the customer in less than four months.
  • A stabilized infrared diode laser with active optical feedback and integrated beam-shaping optics. Delivered in less than two months.

Embedded subsystems

  • A module that combines multiple co-aligned lasers, each with independent beam control optics, athermalized for operation over a wide operating temperature range and ruggedized. An integrated driver provides stable laser output power and a serial interface for integration into the customer's system.

End-user products

  • A rifle-mounted 300mW green laser, ruggedized as soldier equipment for immersion, gunfire, temperature. Operates over -20 to +55°C temperature range with high output power and long battery life.
  • A hand-held or rifle-mounted 10-watt infrared laser, tightly collimated and optical power controlled with an integrated laser rangefinder for eye safety. Operates from standard batteries, and is ruggedized and sealed for harsh operating conditions.